Blog 8 Karen Krill

Another amazing week!. I have accomplished so much this week which I credit to “Do It Now”. Most things seem so easy; it’s like I’m flying. If I continue like this, I’ll have all my chores done.

I fell in love with the Master Key exercise this week. Couldn’t relate to the ship, so I decided to think about a novel. What a trip! After 15 minutes, my author’s first copy was being delivered by Fed Ex. There were so many details I had to leave out. (I’d love write this all down with all the side bars.) The details were so clear unlike my conversation with my friend. Interesting –wonder why.

This week has been so packed with computer stuff. I’ve been taking Word,  working with my computer tech and trying to implement all the things I’m learning. I just realized that I can use Word to make a chart to keep track of all the Go90Grow lessons  I do. This is coming from someone who never dreamed she could use the computer things except for Emails and Bookmarks. Part of my DMP includes technology. All of the sudden things are making sense and I know I can to it. THAT IS AMAZING! Without MK I’d still be struggling. Still don’t have my recording complete. We’re putting it together Friday. Hurray! Doing the recording has been the hardest part so far because of the tech issues and I’m learning so much it’s worth all the struggle. I am excited about using it.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that the Mental Diet has been easy. I’ve done work like this before, so it’s not new and I’ve continue working on it. It’s  those judgements that make me pause. I wondered if I was being honest. Last night at class my “neighbor” said something and I felt a little annoyed. I observed my feelings for a few seconds and realized that I usually don’t get ruffled about what happens. I’m grateful that we are in a rural area where things are slower and kinder. People are almost always are helpful and polite to me. I guess I just expect it because I do it to them. KUDOS to everyone who lives in a busy place or has problems and finds the Diet difficult. I have been there and am grateful for my current situation.

All the exercises we are doing are REALLY making sense and beginning to work together. The compass in my pocket helps me remember to read the notes that are in there also. Until now I’ve carried it and wasn’t sure why. I’m no longer in the River of Dreams. I’m on the Road to Manifestation. 

As I’ve been reading Scroll II, I’ve had a problem with the phrase “I love the ugly for their souls of peace”. I just couldn’t say that. It seemed to wrong as I thought about it and so I substituted courage and now it seems right.  

As I finish up this week, I am excited  to see what other miracles will happen.