MKMMA Blog 1 Karen Krill

Since I haven’t blogged before, I assume that I just write my thoughts and feelings.

The technology has been difficult, terriflying and awful. that being said for the last time, i need to change my thoughts. The “work” has been inspiring, magical. It makes me feel like I am “home”.

I have been panicked that I wouldn’t do this right and would’t be able to continue. I usually know I can succeed but in those cases it doesn’t really matter. Early this morning I fekt the needed tio read my email on my phone which is unusual. When I received Mark’s DMP and Davene’s comments, I clutched the phone to my heart and cried. So unusual. You can’t imagine how it feels to have support and help. I have been alone in my searching. I have great support in other areas but not here. (An interesting thing is that I just found out this evening that Roger Congdon who introduced me to Go90Grow is doing this too.) We are the only ones in our group. It’s wonderful to find like minded people.

I was so emtional when I read the Scroll that it took much longer. I read at a new level. Some of the phrases are so powerful that they take my breath away. I can visualize and feel them in my body/mind. The quiet sitting time is awesome and goes by too fast.

Davene, you mentioned in you DMA comments that you were taking a risk in saying that my language is on the negative side. Thank you so much because you are right. (I welcome any comments because that is how we grow). Generally I’m very positive, but these are my scared little child feelings. I can even see than in a box in my mind/body and the box has an opening now. It feel good to let them out.  I haven’t know to access  them. They have been there since I was young and I know when they came. What a miracle – things are happening. It’s also clear to me why I have trouble with technology. I felt that I’m not good at it and therefore. I’m not. The good news is that I’m taking Windows 7 and the Votec and it’s getting easier and may take Word, too. Amazing how the Master Keys work. Warner Erhardt said that things start happening the moment you make a commitment and it’s tue.

I have decided to go a daily blog just for me. I can make a hard copy with spaces to handwrite special things. This should make my weekly one easy.

“Today I swallow the seeds of success. I will walk tall among men and they will know me not, for today I am a new man with a new life”. These words feel so good. Now it’s time to read for the night.

Hope this reaches you and thnak you.


Hope this reaches you and thank you. (Sorry this if late, but it was beyond me last night. Things clear up after a break.)

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